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But somebody's got to do it, right? XD
Sooo, basically I havent worked on this properly in... going on 5 years?
You know what I really need, one of those freaking out managers that you always see in anime sobbing outside of novelists doors... I bet that would keep me on track. XD

I know I say this probebly every couple of months, but I'm really getting back to business this time. I have 5 pages written OF TEXT! 10pt font! Single Spaced! you all should be proud... that's like... I don't even know how many pages of legitimate comic-y goodness just waiting to be drawn.
I have done re-draws of Wraith, Polaris, Reid, and Ranief so far... I'm going to have to eventually revamp everyone given that their original character models were sketched on the back of a coupon flyer from 2003 while I was at work (sick.)
As you might imagine a few things have been learned since then, such as appropriate body proportions and how to NOT draw everyone in essentially the same outfit.
I think what I may do just for grins is post the old and new side by side :3
That ought to be a hoot.

Reguardless, Expect Updates.


Ranief and Loki

okay okay I know Loki has only been in 2 pages so far... but I'm working on it again now!
(please dont hurt me)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

::cross posted in Otaku6::

Mwa hahahahahaha

::cross posted::

I have 5 new pages! I have 5 new pages! I have 5 new pages for NSDS!!!!

::busts a move::
::celebration and mini-wave to me!::

Yeah yeah I know you're all like "about freaking time Hakkai-san!!!"

...uh...yeah... about that?

...I was on... uh...hiatus?
...Yeah that's it... Hiatus... ;>>

ANYWAY Neko-san is posting it! Go read it! Noooooow!

::is still all kinds of excited::


Ooooh... look I made a community for North Star, Dark Star!
XD I may just be inflating my ego by hoping people actually read said comic (seeing as not many people ever post in my live journal.... actually none ever has posted in my LJ about it ^^; )
I don't blame people if they dont read it (considering the infrequent updates) but I hope to in the very near future make it something that everyone will want to read ^^

Keep my hope alive!



North Star, Dark Star

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